Thursday, January 26, 2006

All's Fair in Law & Politics

If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em! At least that seems to be Saddam Hussein's strategy now.

The former Iraq dictator is bringing a lawsuit against President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair for, of all things, using weapons of mass destruction in the commission of war crimes. Hussein's lawyers say that they plan to sue in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. According to the Washington Times, Bush and Blair have been accused of "destroying Iraq" and "committing war crimes by using weapons of mass destruction and internationally-banned weapons including enriched uranium and phosphoric and cluster bombs against unarmed Iraqi civilians, notably in Baghdad, Fallujah, Ramadi, al-Kaem and Anbar ... The suit also accuses the U.S. president and British prime minister of torturing Iraqi prisoners, destroying Iraq's cultural heritage with the aim of eliminating an ancient civilization, and inciting internal strife. "

Last, but not least, we find that Hussein is not only a concerned Iraqi, but an environmentalist, also accusing Bush and Blair "of polluting Iraq's air, waters and environment." Perhaps there is some truth to the hypothesis Walter Williams put forth in his August 31, 2005 article, "What's a way for OPEC to gain more power? I have a hypothesis, for which I have no evidence, but it ought to be tested. If I were an OPEC big cheese, I'd easily conclude that I could restrict output and charge higher oil prices if somehow U.S. oil drilling were restricted. I'd see U.S. environmental groups as allies, and I would make "charitable" contributions to assist their efforts to reduce U.S. output."

According to a Yahoo news source, "Saddam also wants all Iraqis who have had relatives killed or had property damaged [to] receive at least $500,000 each." With his newly discovered strategy, perhaps Hussein still has a career in politics. Five hundred thousand dollars, especially in Iraq, is a much better deal than "middle-class tax cuts."

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